About Us

With the approach of the 2009-2010 centennial of the City of Bethany, and four founding organizations, Bethany Public Schools, The Children’s Center, Southern Nazarene University and Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, an unaffiliated, independent group of citizens organized to determine how to celebrate the anniversary. The organization began as the Bethany centennial history committee.  After Celebrating Bethany Centennial 1910-2010, the history book, was completed, committee members, Marcia Moon Feisal, Arlita Warrick Harris and Gloria Quaid started Bethany Improvement Foundation. The organization was incorporated it as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 2010. 

The Bethany Improvement Foundation was organized to benefit the citizens of Bethany, Oklahoma through charitable community projects. The Foundation can receive funds via grants, membership dues, sponsorships, sales receipts, gifts and contributions. Funds are used to improve Bethany, Oklahoma when BIF sponsors projects, events and activities.

Organization overview:  In 2009, the Bethany Centennial History Committee wrote, published, and sold the 256-page hard cover, full-color Bethany centennial history book, Celebrating Bethany Centennial 1910-2010.All 546 copies were purchased, with immediate demand for more copies. 
In addition, committee members and others professionally recorded numerous oral histories by or about Bethany’s founding families, adding those tapes to the Bethany Public Library and the “Oklahoma Voices” statewide project.  

In 2010, the first Bethany historical murals were painted on buildings at 39th Expressway [Route 66] and Asbury Avenue. In 2011, murals were painted at 39th Expressway [Route 66] and College Avenue. Since then, other murals have been added. BIF remains committed to helping with expenses for new historical murals. For more information, please contact Susan Martin, BIF secretary at susan@bethanylaw.com for an application and additional information.

Bethany Improvement Foundation sponsored the first Bethany 66 Festival in May 2011 to celebrate the USA, veterans and Memorial Day, plus our Bethany heritage. We have hosted six more Bethany 66 Festivals bringing more than 20,000 visitors to our city; sponsored and launched The Billboard Museum group; installed sign posts to hold vertical vinyl publicity signs on city traffic signal poles throughout the town; created and paid for the Vote Yes for the New Bethany Library Bond campaign in 2016 and have more ideas to help Bethany and the city residents.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bethany Improvement Foundation is to benefit the citizens of Bethany, Oklahoma through charitable community projects.

Vision Statement

To make Bethany, Oklahoma
-the premiere Route 66 tourist destination
-the most livable community in Oklahoma
-a sustainable community of distinction for the future.

The Bethany Improvement Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

Board Members

President - John Martin
Vice President - Phillip Suarez
Secretary - John Lunn
Treasurer - Marcia Doom

Board Members:
Arlita Harris
Tammy West
Jeff Roberts
Ted Snoddy
Priscilla Cude
Angela Bumpus
Joan Jenkinson
Terry Shinn